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Grow your own food

The grow your own food workshop will be based on our experiences. Including how we stared our journey as urban farmers and not having any experience farming, only a vision for a better and brighter future.

Make people aware of what lettuce, herbs and fruits look like in its full and natural form rather that just leaves and cut up blocks or cubes in a packet

Be more self reliant

Food is more that just fuel for the body… its our connection to land. Food is the most intimate connection to the land because you interact with 4 out of the 5 senses taste, texture, smell and sight.

The giant middle man super market chains and stores are not able to treat farmers the way that respects the absolute reality of necessity and diversity. For example farmers are being pressured to grow standers size apples without a single blemish, model like if you will . Its more about the looks than the nutrient value. What does not meet the standards are wasted. Tons and tons of foods are being waste on a yearly basis because they don’t have the “looks”. Again we should change the way we think about food.

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